This customer contract makes me powerless, and I PRAY you don't buy it. 

...Because I fully intend to BRING THE PAIN upon you and your business IN COURT.


From the desk of Karen Karenson.

Your city, Your state.

Dear Pressure Washing Peasant,


Be honest, you got excited when I "Lit up your phone" for a pressure washing estimate, but little did you know, I'm your worst nightmare. 

Why don't I want you to have a customer contract?

Good question.


Well...I woke up this morning, ---ate a bowl of arsenic flakes for breakfast, and thought..hmm


"I need my house washed and my roof cleaned."


It's an old house so there are many problems (dryrot, blown window seals, roof shingles that are creased, AND of course I'm very aware of the issues, but Im not going to fix'll be doing that. : )


You have really good reviews ---- so I called,...I got an estimate from you and of course I accepted it with minimal pushback. ...(I know you said "wow, that was easy"...) plan is now underway....


You'll be here in a week, and after that, Ill wait a few calculated days to stack your email with a tonal letter, a threat and a laundry list of issues (with photos) you need to fix. 


But in all honesty, Im so glad you didn't have an agreement (or one that would hold up in court) before you started my cleaning project because, well...I would shrivel up like the wicked witch of the west after being sprayed with 20:1 sodium hypochlorite.


"So now that we're clear ... let me jump right in and show you what this is about ..."

What is a customer contract for?

Aaron and his attorneys have gone back and forth over the years painstakingly making this agreement Karen (me) proof. 


His brother, Pierce the captain of Softwasherz uses the same one. 


And honestly Aaron has never had a claim...which makes me sick to my stomach. 


Customer contracts are a prior written agreement that sets the expectations for a customer prior to working for them. 


It protects you from litigious customers who are wanting to take advantage of your insurance for repairs for things your team didn't do. 


Think of it as your first line of defense from customers who lack integrity. 


But there is much more to this contract than legal jargon... 


Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • Electrical Outlet Mishaps - How we avoid them, and address in the language where you never have to deal with this again. Its actually very simple, and is the customers responsibility..

  • Weep Holes- we got this covered here.

  • The technical difference in a window rinse, and pure water window cleaning and the expectations based on if the client removes the screens for you or not. (this language covers expectations on window spotting for house washes.)...inside

  • Roof cleaning expectations and time frames? We also cover touchups and our stipulations on "call backs" for the roof treatment to finish its cleaning process over weeks/months.

  • Tree sap on siding and its removal, expectations and how to handle this conversation with the customer.

  • Dog Poop...nuff said.

  • The 5-word phrase in this contract that takes the legal “wiggle room” out for clients who choose to “drag their feet” and pay late. In a court of law. 

  • PRIOR TO CLEANING: Removing the booby trap of dry-rotted screens and that fall apart in your hand, AGAIN our language covers you in this scenario. 

  • These are just a few of the intricate portions of this agreement,..BUT it keeps going. It also handles initial formalities for house washing, and roof cleaning as well.

  • Download: Immediately sent to your email upon purchase. (make sure you download on your desktop, not on your phone first.) 

  • REMEMBER: This is not a replacement for insurance. You need insurance too. But this is a buffer to having to use insurance. This allows the client to be aware of all the expectations. More like an “expectations buffer” and the good thing about it, is it will hold up in court. 

And much, much, more! 

But you know what you'll really love?

Its completely plug and play!

NO reinventing the WHEEL.


NO having to get CREATIVE.


NO having to call your own attorney at a $500+ retainer.


NO stealing some weak legal-zoom contract that won't hold up in court. (if court were to happen). 


NO worrying about a Karen that wants to take your insurance $$ and fix up her house at your expense. 


When you purchase this customer contract, you simply change my name for your name, and THATS IT. Your done. 


You're good to go!


Here's What To Do Next

"The "cost" of this contract from my attorney is $750.


$500 for the initial draft and $250 for the recent updates we did, and you get it all instantly as a download.


As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the contract directly in your email.


You can access it via your desktop and place it in the right spot (ill show you how to do this), immediately.



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