There Are "4 Dirty Little Secrets" Among

Professional Pressure Washing Companies That Operate At Scale.----- 

Amateurs Never Figure It Out. And The “Fat Cat” Professionals Like It That Way. 

From the Desk of: Mike Vidan. - All American Pressure Washing 


Dear Pressure Washer: 


You see the wrapped trucks and the employees —running like a well-oiled machine

Revenue and jobs coming in, CASH FLOW, Payroll is covered —rinse and repeat.


This “Next Level” evades most pressure washers who want to “Get Off The Truck” and scale.


I know this, because you’re reading this right now. 


How long can you stay working as a technician

in your business? ——-forever..


In the words of Charles Barkley "That sounds turrible".


The Comprehensive Guide To Scaling Up & Gaining Freedom While Running Your Pressure Washing Business.

What's inside: 

  • Mikes All Star Hiring Sequence - HIRE THE BEST EMPLOYEES

    Where I find em', and the exact process from A -Z on how to hire employees that are a "mini-you" - all the way down to what to pay em' - from starting pay to my criteria on promotions and pay raises. 

  • Never Quote In Person Again...unless you want to. 

    Customers want to see you about as much as you want to see them - THEY DONT! I developed a system so you can close 90% of your jobs via text and the other 10% over the phone. 

  • The Amazon Mentality Model 

    GET AROUND THE RULES of the old guard, and step into the age of immediate gratification with customers, and obtain the road-map for how to get to the money fast.

  • How To Scale For The Long Haul (from a one man truck - to multiple trucks and crews)

    Month after month - year after year this system works and it eventually picks up a life of its own --CALLED SYNERGY. Get this down so you can take trips with the family and your business runs itself. 

  • Pro tips! - How To Get BIG Lead Flow - You have to have this if you're going to get off the truck!

    Where you find the best pressure washing leads, and how you optimize your marketing dollars to support a business at scale. If you don't have a runway like this, you'll be back working on the truck in no-time, and all that hard work - down the drain! (Module 1) 

  • My "Walk Of Shame" Revealed!

    The most costly mistakes I've made and how I fixed them. Make these missteps at your own (Financial) Peril!

  • Imagine Closing BIG JOBS with a few text messages (my techniques inside)

    From University Campus Cleanings to Commercial Clients - I continue to close big jobs via text message, and you can too. 

What would it be worth to “look over the shoulder of a 20 year veteran” on the deep internal workings of his business and - "really get it?" 


Finally, quantify the innards of the machine, the ghost in the shell —- without having to trade 10 -20 years figuring it out on your own.


Imagine closing 5x $800 jobs today, via text on your phone, while enjoying family time by the pool on Tybee Island.


All the while, your team is on time and ON POINT every day you're on vacation. 


It's all here in the Next Level, and I'm going to show it to you.


Get my proven system for marketing and lead flow, scaling, hiring down to high speed remote quoting.


I’ve never taught this stuff locally and ---for sure-- NEVER on YouTube, and God knows there’s a reason for that..


I don’t want my local competition knowing these secret systems + they couldn't pay me enough to lose revenue by them implementing my "get off the truck" techniques.


You know, and I know - 2 thousand dollar days (per truck) happens in this business, even for a guy who is Lean & Mean. 


But your not going to pay $5,000 (would it be worth it?...hell yea it would) or even $2,500 for this business/life-changing info.


For the first 200 people, the founders' deal is currently available - and it's $999.97 (equivalent to one day's work).


Click the link below to get in now.


For Founders Members Only* 


  • -----BONUS----- My 4 Step Employee Vetting Gauntlet- ($1500 Value FREE FOR FOUNDERS)-

    Choosing A players and how to get them to qualify to you, buy in to your protocols and become indoctrinated  into our company creating a seamless on-boarding process and long term devotion - developed from over 5 years of frustrating mixed results. - If they make it through this-- they're IN! Get the dialed in system here. 

  • -----BONUS-----Deep Dive Into My Routing and Scheduling Software - *Look over my shoulder* ($750 Value FREE FOR FOUNDERS)

    I'll be personally walking you through my remote quoting and scheduling software, how I use it, and what parameters I add. Stacking the deck in our favor but giving the customer the most value for their $$. 

  • -----BONUS-----My Sneaky Off-The-Wall Marketing Technique (Adds 5k Mo. To Our Bottomline)* $1200 Value FREE FOR FOUNDERS

    COMPLETELY Hands off. Like Clock Work I tested this trick and frankly didn’t want to give it away because Ill be seeing it everywhere in my town. But whatever ---Crank out the moolah (inside...)

  • -----BONUS-----My "ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Audio Archives" (Major tactics in audio form)* $600 Value FREE FOR FOUNDERS

    Listen on the go - or at the job site. These are questions from you guys "The Founders" that keep coming up, so....I answered them and put them in a playlist for you to listen to while you're scaling and getting off the truck! 


Get The Founder's Deal - For Only The First 200 Members!

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​Founders Deal



The founders deal is currently available - and its 




I’ve never made such a generous offer like this before, and never will again probably. 


PS: Remember, to get everything here 65+ videos and audios of "How To Scale And Get Off The Truck", + BONUSES listed, get in on the "founders' deal."


When its gone its gone. 


I'm very excited to "spill the beans" on tape.


This is something any serious pressure washer would give an arm and a leg to possess...and you get it for less than everyone else with the founders' deal.




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