The Complete Guide for Pressure Washing & Softwashing

  • Learn How to Wash from THE Industry Leaders.......50+ Years of REAL experience

    Mike Vidan, Coty Yarbrough, Aaron Parker and Justin Rogers have come together to teach you How To Wash, this training is a culmination of over 50 years of industry experience that is now at your finger tips.  

  • The All Inclusive Chemical Mixing Guide for EVERY SURFACE!

    You learn what chemicals to use on what surfaces, the ratios they should be applied, the best application processes through both classroom style and on-site job walkthrough videos that show you every you need to know to hit the ground running safely and confidently. 

  • Never waste time on the jobsite again......EVER

    Time is money and being as efficient as possible with every step you take while out washing is so important, so we break down every aspect of the job, from setting up to wash to breaking down after the final inspection, and every step in between to make your business a well oiled, WASHING MACHINE!

  • Let's talk about the equipment.......

    If you like equipment like we do, you are gonna love this part of the training, we walk you through every piece of equipment used by professional pressure washing and soft washing companies, the trailers, the skids, the wands and the tips, we show you everything from budget builds, to purpose-built probuilds and the best setups at every price point.  

  • Protect yourself and your business....the most overlooked topics for new washing businesses

    An in depth look at every aspect of protecting yourself, your family and your business from possible litigation, but also setting yourself and your customers up for an amazing experience by setting all expectations up front! 

  • The Pro Tips- The little tips and hacks that will make your life (and equipment) way better!

    There is no way we are going to give away any pro-tips here.....but if you want your consumables and equipment to last longer or more importantly, if you want your body to last will want to check this module out first!

    ★ BONUS 

  • ★★BONUS★★ The War Chest - we can't tell you much about it here because it will get ripped off...

    The knowledge and information needed to run a successful pressure washing or softwashing business may seem daunting and intimidating....DON'T LET IT BE.....Open up the WAR CHEST and you will see why it won't be any more.

  • ★★BONUS★★ Pro-In-A-Box (All your questions answered)*   

    We will answers all of your questions for the first 3 months the course is live.  These are questions from you guys that keep coming up, so....we answer and upload them to the specific module your asking about while you're learning how to wash.   

  • ★★BONUS★★ ECP Certification - Upon Successful Completion of Training, You Are ECP Certified....    

    After completing the training course,  you can proudly display your ECP Certificate Logo on all of your marketing material, uniforms, trucks,  etc.


This Course is a TAX DEDUCTABLE Educational Expense




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The Wood Cleaning Mastery Course

    ★  The Wood Cleaning Mastery Course  - FREE (VALUE - $149) 

    A step by step guide to the processes and chemical mixes for massive profits in wood cleaning!  An in depth, 15 module, stand-alone Training Class that usually sells for $149 is yours for FREE!

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    This Course is a TAX DEDUCTABLE Educational Expense



    Mike, Aaron & Justin are the real deal - this course answered every question I had.....this course gave me the confidence I needed to start getting jobs....I've already 10X'd my investment!

    Kory Bier

    KB Service Co - Fresno, California

    I've taken Mike's course, it's very thorough and informative and I feel it's set me up to be successful from the start.  I highly recommend you take this course if you want to gain confidence and eliminate the learning curve!

    Jordon Bartlett

    Rinse Exterior Cleaning

    Buy this course, learn from it, invest in your future, take my advice. Do it the right way, you won't regret it.

    Buy this course, learn from it, invest in your future, take my advice. Do it the right way, you won't regret it.

    Tim Salameh

    Boca Softwash

    Mike, Justin, Coty and Justin are The Mount Washmore of the Pressure Washing Industry.

    This course is going to help you wash better, get more efficient and for such a small investment.....its a game changer!

    Jonathon Papenmeir

    Forever Faithful Pressure Washing

    I've spent thousands on other pressure washing courses and this is by far the most jam packed with great info.....this really cuts down on the learning curve.... from how to mix well as watching him perform the jobs.  This is worth way more than what I paid....

    Cooper Baggs

    Goodwash Exterior Cleaning

    This course is invaluable, the best part is the mixing of chemicals. Mike breaks it down and his demonstrations are great. The knowledge packed into this course is amazing.

    Chris Smith

    Southern Star Exterior Cleaning

    Well worth the money - I have wasted money on other courses, this is by far the best - the best money I've spent starting my business.


    If you want to be trained by the best in the business, you need to get How To Wash right now!

    Alex Johnson

    Gray Max Softwash 

    I like having the standards and get a lot of different opinions on youtube, this was clear and concise and very helpful.....

    Ray Cortijo

    Provid Exterior Cleaning, LLC

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